Why are Aquarius so Attracted to Taurus Woman (Click NOW)

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As an Aquarius man, you’re always curious about the incredible passion sharing between Aquarius and Taurus. They seem to make an intriguing love match despite differences in personality traits.

Why are Aquarius so attracted to Taurus woman?

Believe it or not, an Aquarius is the ideal date for a Taurus. Before we give you an answer for that, let’s learn briefly about Aquarius man and Taurus woman as well as their qualities in love.

Things to Know about Aquarius Man & Taurus Woman

traits of aquarius man and taurus woman

Aquarius man:

What to know about this guy?

As an intellectual person, the Aquarius male finds himself attracted by the woman who is intelligent and creative. According to his nature, he prefers to get to know you more once you truly catch his interest. He is not the type standing from afar and guessing your feelings.

This guy is infamous for his emotional detachment. Whether he is in a relationship or not, it’s easy to realize that he’s cold and distant most of the time. Though he may act sociable and easygoing in public, Aquarius man more enjoys having his personal space without anyone disturbing.

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The main reason for his emotionally detached behavior is because he has a hard time in expressing his emotions. Especially when it comes to love relationships, he is not good at letting his lover or partner to know his feelings as well as to understand his heart.

However, when he’s determined to be with you, he will become a romantic boyfriend.

If you are his special person, Aquarius man will always think about you and come up with surprises to make sure you are happy around him. No matter how busy he is, he will spend time together with you. He prefers a relationship starting from a close friendship.

Don’t be upset when the Aquarius male seems to ignore and distance all of sudden; probably that’s the time he is dealing with his pains. It’s not his habit to share the vulnerable side to anyone.

Taurus woman:

Learning about the Taurus female will help your first date with her go smooth; in case you two are currently in a love romance, understanding her on a deeper level will strengthen the connection of you two.

What you need to know about this woman?

She got the personality making her become a reliable person; I mean much more reliable than you can expect. One of her life goals is getting involved in a committed relationship. No wonder our Taurus has an incredible cooking skill and is so good at taking care of people around her. Being her partner and you will be served only excellent menus.

Taurus woman is well-known for her materialistic trait. She loves all the finer things in life and works hard to assure her life better. Since Taurus is a sensual sign in the zodiac, sexual activity an essential part in a relationship to her. Symbolized by the bull, she is powerful emotionally and consistent.

Very independent, this lady tends to do everything by herself; at the same time, she won’t refuse if someone suggests a helping hand. This is also how she tests a man when it comes to choosing a lover. She needs to know if that person is reliable and secure enough.

The Taurus female is genuine and down to earth, but sometimes her hot-tempered and stubborn attitude can get on your nerves easily. In general, she is beautiful and smart inside out.

Aquarius Man is Attracted to Taurus Woman

aquarius man is attracted to taurus woman

Wondering why Aquarius is so attracted to Taurus woman?

In fact, the answer is simple…check out the following ideas:

1. Taurus is brilliant

Like I mentioned earlier, Aquarius man finds intelligent women are irresistible; also I did say that Taurus girls are very intellectual. Therefore, when Aquarius and Taurus meet each other, the male is unable to resist the female charms. This is the very first reason for her to be attracted to an Aquarius.

Also she gets impressed with Aquarius man’s wisdom and experience radiating in the conversation.

2. Taurus is independent

We all know that women born under the Taurus zodiac sign are independent. In most cases, she prefers to carry out all the works by herself, but it doesn’t mean she will say no if someone else comes and lends a helping hand. Did I say that Aquarius loves to be with a partner who is self-reliant and focuses on her own life more?

Aquarius man is a person of freedom; that’s why he is hesitant to make commitment. He longs for a lover that can respect his private time and does everything she likes rather than just getting stuck in the relationship.

On the other hand, the independent Taurean lady feels happy with an Aquarius by her side because he is super supportive. Both quite match because they enjoy spending time with the person they love.

3. Taurus takes a long time to open up to love

This sounds weird, but it’s one of the reasons making Aquarius man fall for Taurus woman. Both of them are insecure in love, so they won’t enter a romantic relationship immediately. While the female needs time to understand her feelings, the male wants to be friends first before becoming lovers. They have to make sure to themselves whether or not they are ready for this.

When both of them fall in love, of course everything will bloom because both sides fall hard and are so romantic.

Other reasons are:

  • Taurus is a reliable partner
  • She is loyal and faithful in a relationship
  • She never gives up on them and always tries hard to keep the passion
  • Their unique characteristics blend well together

Grounded and patient, Taurus woman is indeed a slow-paced person. She needs someone who can slow down to match her energy, and only Aquarius man is willing to do that for a long term.


Why are Aquarius so attracted to Taurus woman?

I hope you got the answer with this article.

Taurus is the yin to the yang of Aquarius, so it’s not surprised to know Aquarius man usually falls hard for Taurus woman. Here you can find obvious reasons for this attraction; also their personality traits play a part in bringing them close together.

Please comment below if you still have any question.

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