Attractive Taurus Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

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In the zodiac, Taurus is a positive, peaceful sun sign, which will bring a lot of stability into life. People born between April 19th and May 20th are Taurians. When talking about a Taurus female, she is considered an independent, loyal, and emotionally strong individual. She may be the friendliest of the entire zodiac signs.

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Taurus Woman Traits and Characteristics

Ruled by Venus planet and symbolized by the Bull, the woman belonging to this sun sign is very compassionate, reliable, loving and has an artistic bent of mind. She is basically quite introverted in her approach, with considerable moral and emotional courage. Like any other ladies, she is feminine yet minus the unnecessary rage. Believing in constant loyalty and devotion, she can make a good friend, a sympathetic family member, or an understanding lover. In reality, she easily gets along with people who have personality traits close to her own.

When talking with someone shares a similar personality, she feels like they understand her feelings, thoughts, and motives with ease.

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All about Taurus Woman Traits

On the bright side, the girl of Taurus zodiac sign is exactly what every woman aspires to be: she is high on friendship, true on love, committed to relationships, and proud of herself. She is truly an embodiment of love, faithfulness, and friendship. Once you win her heart, she’ll be yours forever. Though she is feministic in both the approach and behavior, she is pretty tough emotionally, comparing to some of the men around. Taurus woman has many attractive traits in love and an undefeatable emotional strength which makes her able to deal with different situations. What’s more? She can bear with endless pain and stress without shedding a single tear.

She picks her friends carefully, since she can only make friends with those who don’t hide their true nature and come across as real people. She is a great listener and very good at keeping her emotions in check most of the time.

Traits of a Taurus Woman

While on the dark side, Taurus personality traits female are viewed for having the infamous temper when being provoked. This matter of her can be the concern for people around. So, do not aggravate the Bull or you must be prepared to fact an unstoppable bull fight. In matters of love, especially when in public, your Taurian girlfriend expects you to take her stand. If you fail to stand by her or contradict her opinions, fireworks and sparks will expose. Also, she is extremely possessive about her belongings and finds it hard to share. Humble and stable most of the time, but she can turn out to be materialistic, arrogant, flamboyant, and money-minded – a totally contrast from her natural self.

Overall, Taurus woman personality traits and characteristics make her a loyal, caring romantic partner. If she falls in love with someone, she will love deep and do whatever she can to keep the relationship going well. This lady always looks for a stable and loving partnership. She can be annoying at times, yet in the end she will be very protecting and kind of her companion. Truthfully, love does bring out the best in women, especially the female Taurian.

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