How to Make Taurus Man Jealous and Is It Easy to Get Him Envious?

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Several girls I know often ask, “How to make Taurus man jealous?” Well, it’s not hard at all. This guy is really possessive and jealous; at times, he has to try NOT to be envious of anything. You can test his jealousy by hanging out with your friends or talking with another guy. But, truthfully, I do hope you never do that.

This is a Taurus man you are talking about – trying to make him jealous in an effort to win his heart is a disaster in the progress.

What Makes Taurus Man Get Jealous?

Alright, I will go ahead and give you the answer you are curious about. According to Taurus sign traits, a man of this zodiac sign get possessive if he likes someone. He does feel betrayed if being cheated by his loved one. Very slow to commit, but he will definitely be loyal once making up his mind. Before committed, he takes his time to make sure whether you are a worthy object to possess. Taurus will be absolutely furious and can act like an angry Bull when getting jealous. Unlike other guys who love the play-hard-to-get girl,security and stability are Taurian male’s key characteristics.

Well, making a Taurus male jealous on purpose will only backfire terribly and most likely end the relationship. He by nature is already a jealous individual, so be ready to kiss him good-bye if trying to play the jealousy games with him. If you really want him, simply tell him you are all his and become his possession.

Brief Look at Taurus Man

Getting a stubborn Bull to fall in love with you takes a great deal more than pure luck. He is a patient creature who cannot be attracted easily just by your outer beauty. That’s not to say the physical appearance isn’t good to be attractive to, as it is also part of the package he seeks. The thing is – he wants the whole package, and your look cannot guarantee a lifelong connection, right? When finding a partner, the woman who enables to fulfill Taurus man’s basic requirements, such as being good with money, being respectful of him, and being a lady, can attract him easily.

Making a Taurus Male Jealous

At first, you might think he isn’t interested. In fact, he is running through a million ways to approach you in his brain. If he is sure you return the interest, he is more likely to respond to you quicker. Once he openly approaches you, you will realize how masculine he is. He often acts slowly because he wants to see how you will react to his dizzying tendency, and to analyze how it is going to be with you in the long run. Plan to be patient – it may take a long time before he decides if you are worth his commitment.

Truly, you need great patience to get clarity about a Taurus man. If you’re serious about this individual, treat him with gentleness and give him subtle hints of his interest without coming across like a slut. Make sure you will be there for him whenever he looks for your support, but don’t be too clingy. He admires girls who are independent and dependable. In order to capture his heart, you should show him your INNER sexiness (not too much), just enough to peak his interest.

About the matter “how to make Taurus man jealous“, it’s better not to try or you could lose your Bull forever. Why you have to try making him envious? He already is!


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