How to Know When a Taurus Man is Mad at You? – Dating Taurus Advice

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Taurus guy is the traditional style of male.

He is calm, practical, and down-to-earth. He does not speak much, yet he is logical and careful, with a cheerful, friendly attitude. In general, he is absolutely charming and emits mystery and romance.

However, have you ever imagined when a Taurus man is mad?

He can be dependable but stubborn as well. He does not like disruptions and will also hold grudges.

What should you do if your Taurian partner is angry badly?

Read on:

When a Taurus is Mad at You…

Signs Taurus Man is Mad

So, how Taurus man acts when he is mad?

He may find it hard to trust and put in time towards a female. In the Bull’s mind, he is always trying his best; but when it is not appreciated, ultimately you probably have hurt him.

Although he seems to be a born leader the way you look at him, he is extremely sensitive at heart. Deep inside, he is none but the lover of nature and of people. When you have upset a Taurus male, does it take a while for him to respond again? If he knows that you hurt him, does his pride make it hard for him to reach out to you?

In case you are dating a Taurus, you should know that having hurt feelings does take a while to heal. He feels secure about you but you break his security. Well, wait a couple days for both of you to think about what just happened; and then, send an airy note saying you are always thinking of him. Ask how he’s doing and say you hope to hear from him soon.

Check out some signs on how to calm a Taurus man aggressive in the following:

1. Give him space and time

Taurus man in love is a romantic in nature. So when a Taurus is mad at you for no reason, the initial thing you need to do is to leave him alone. Give him his private space and time so that he can reload his own thoughts and behaviors. Things only get worse if you stubbornly approach an angry Taurus.

When you feel that he is much calmer, you can make a conversation with him. Keep the topics light and interesting. Don’t start with questions about him being mad last time; he will talk about that when he is ready.

2. Think about what you said to him again

Was Taurus mad because of your words?

Sometimes it was not your intention, but your words may sound irritating to him. Plus being sensitive, he could get hurt by things you have said. If you already forget, now it’s time to recall the day he was suddenly mad at you. Those words may not be harsh to you, but this guy thinks differently.

In this case, you should ask for others’ advice and objective opinions (if needed).

3. Apologize to him if it’s your fault

If it’s true that you had done or said something that hurt his feelings, the best way is to apologize to him sincerely. Don’t waste too much time, or Taurus man may think that you don’t care about him. Be serious and honest with your apology – the sincerity is the key to make him forgive you instantly.

Once he feels that you are truly sincere with your words, he will not mad anymore and even open up his feelings towards you more than before.

4. Not get angry or mad at him in return

It will be more terrified if you get angry back at Taurus man. He has the pride and ego of the Bull that can be hurt worst if you yell or shout at him right after he becomes mad for no reasons. Don’t behave like this if you want to maintain your relationship with him for a long term.

5. Be an understanding partner

But of course he needs to show his respect to you.

When Taurus male mad at you with no proper reasons, it means that he doesn’t respect you at all. A good relationship needs to be built based on mutual understanding, mutual respect, and good communication from both parties. When you feel like you are giving him enough understanding but he keeps messing up, then it seems like he is taking it for granted.

Being an understanding lover or partner is good; however, Taurus man should give you the respect you deserve. When a Taurus man is mad at you all of sudden, it’s necessary to speak to him about his behavior. Tell him you don’t like it when he acts like that and let him know that you expect his honesty.

That’s all…there is nothing else you can do as now the ball is in his court.

Advice for Dating a Taurus Man

Is it hard getting a mad Taurus man calm?

Let me tell you one thing: you cannot change Taurus man angry. He is the way he is. Do not expect him to change as every change for him is tough. If he gets angry when you two are together, the only way that you can do at that moment is to let him be alone. Don’t try to chase after him, or when he comes to your place, just hug and gently tell him that you dislike the way he gets into his rage.

If you want to pick a fight with the Bull and want to make sure you are gonna win back, it’s a must to understand his personality, prepare an effective apology, and bravely take action.

Appreciate his positive traits and recognize his negative traits. Your man, on the good side, is independent financially and emotionally as well as loves stability. He can also be generous, down-to-earth, and really interested in enjoying the finer things in life.

On the dark side, he can become stubborn, inflexible, lazy, materialistic, self-indulgent, and possessive at times. In order to approach a Taurus appropriately, you need to find out where problems could arise.

Moreover, try to get familiar with the way the Bull loves and recognize how he communicates. Once you fall in love with him, it’s better to understand his sign’s personality traits and avoid issues could draw him into arguments.

Final Words

Despite a lot of good things about the male Taurean’s characteristics, he also carries many negative traits that seem difficult to cope with. In the relationship, he can pull out his sensuality if feeling secure.

When a Taurus man is mad at you, do not expect that you will be forgiven immediately; especially if you did something that has definitely hurt his emotions.

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