How to Know Taurus Possessive Signs in a Romantic Relationship?

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People born under the sign of the Bull are well-known for their patient and hardworking qualities; yet, they are also pretty stubborn and possessive.

What are Taurus possessive signs?

If you are already in a relationship with one, the fact that they can be controlling in passive-aggressive ways sounds eerily familiar. It is necessary to know ’bout Taurus possessive issues before hitching yourself to a Taurian.

While they don’t like it being pointed out, almost all Taurus individuals get jealous easily. This factor displays clearly in love and relationships. They often find themselves thinking: “What if my lover finds someone better?”

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Things to Know about Taurus Possessive Traits

Is Taurus Possessive?

Actually, the Bull’s descendants possess an in-born nature of expressing their personal feelings and constantly strive to convey their emotions as well as love to those they love and care for; this is commonly termed “jealously.” More often, the inherited possessiveness associated with Taurus zodiac sign undoubtedly put both Taureans and their loved ones through unpleasant time.

They can’t help but keep questioning regarding their mate’s whereabouts and activities. Their possessiveness shows up in all areas of their life – they like to own things (and sometimes people).

However, despite the common traits of possessiveness and jealousy, there’s quite a difference between being possessive and being jealous.

In today’s article, let’s have a look at Taurus possessive signs to understand this trait of your partner better:

1. Taurus is super clingy

You suddenly find your Taurus partner becomes seriously clingy. This is the first sign of them being possessive, and it’s more obvious if you make them jealous. When you two hang out together, they will use their gestures and body languages to let others know you are theirs, like touching your waist or putting their arms around you.

If you talk about another person, they will change the topic or simple stay silent. This is the first stage of their possessiveness, so it doesn’t really affect their trust in you. But, at the moment they become controlling, that’s a problem.

You will find that they don’t allow you to go here and there, plus they always show up around you.

2. Taurus starts their investigation

After trying to control you, they will begin investigating.

Whenever you tell them that you have to go out, they will bombard you with lots of questions, like where you go and who you will go with. Much worse, they will invade your privacy by checking your phone to see who you are texting and calling. You will get irritated with their act of asking what you’re doing many times a day.

No one is as suspicious as they are. The common reason making Taurus gets possessive is that you don’t keep your promise. Don’t suddenly go home late when you usually come back soon. Never do anything make them doubt your loyalty because their trust issues are serious.

3. Taurus stays distant from you

When they feel like they can’t trust you, they will ignore.

Not that they really don’t care, it’s just that they are trying to get your attention with their silent treatment. Very stubborn, they can keep things like this for a long time if you don’t show any reaction. Rather than displaying their vulnerability, they find it’s better to treat you like you don’t exist to them.

Taurus wants to see what you will do if they behave cold and pulls away from you; that explains why they come up with this attitude. In case they do nothing, it’s not because they are no longer possessive; actually it’s more like you don’t deserve their attention.

4. Taurus sets boundaries

Once finding out you hang out with male friends, your Taurus partner will sets boundaries for that.

Observe their facial expression when you tell them that you have a plan to go out with your friends, including some other guys. Don’t be surprised if they immediately make their complaints. As soon as they feel the threat from outsiders, they will be possessive and jealous.

Taurus can’t stand of the fact having someone between their loved one and them. Even if you and your male friends are close, the Bull is still insecure. They already have many negative thoughts and doubts about this sensitive issue.

You should never ignore the possessiveness of a Taurean if you want to bring the trust of both of you on the next level.

Dating a Taurus Man

Taurus Possessive Signs

Being in a relationship with the Bull means not only finding out what make them swoon, but also understanding what make them tick. As a rule, both Taurus man and woman manifest the possessive trait in their disposition. This often drives them into acts of violence or sudden outburst of temper.

How to help them get rid of the feelings of possessiveness and jealousy?

Talking about Taurus in love, a male Taurean’s most negative characteristic is possessiveness (obviously). He has the tendency to be complacent and does not easily get bored with their relationship, but he can be too rewarding, submissive, and lack of drive. Because of this, he sometimes feels manipulated and emotionally abused.

The more he is fond of his companion, the more possessive he is. He will even go far as stalking or reading private messages and texts just to be sure he is secure with his partner.

The problem is NOT many lovers will be comfortable with such an attitude.

On occasions, the partner may part ways for this reason, while the Bull doesn’t even understand why it happen to him. In a relationship, it is important to give your Taurus lover no cause to doubt the intention behind your personal flirtations with others.

He is generally the most caring and gentle man who has a great patience. The thing is, do not push your luck, especially if you drive him to do anything he can’t approve of. Very stubborn, no one is able to convince Taurus, not even themselves.

Nah…making your Taurus man jealous is never a good idea.

If you happen to be a Taurus, you are born with an ability to charm people you like. Enjoying your marvelous catch, just don’t play games to own your companion, and everything will go fine.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for Taurus possessive signs that I want to inform you all.

Remember not to insult a Taurus when it comes to their ideas and works. They will never forgive you. Taurus feels irritated with arrogant and ignorant people, especially the fake ones, as they enable to smell a phony from far away.

You don’t want to face them once they have reached their boiling point. They would feel more anger towards you; instead, simply back off and move away fast.

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